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400+ Custom Enchants - Enchantment Table & Anvil Support - 20+ Items
Create custom 3D mobs - Dragons, Gorillas, Giraffes, Tigers & More
Tokens 2.12.2
High-speed enchant system - Must-Have for Prisons - Free Enchantments & Addons
Auction Categories/Filters - Create own filters - Sort items per category
While holding a item with this, you'll gain speed.
Increases the jump height of player.
Breaks a entire layer of a mine.
Ability to see in the dark
Create Loot Boxes Which Contain Permissions - Items - Commands
200+ AdvancedEnchantments Enchants, for Factions & Skyblock
BattlePass 3.6.0
Keep players active - Free/Premium Passes - Daily/Weeky Quests
A large server spawn with PvP arena, Crate area, Mob Grinder & more
A server spawn with a Portal, Crates area & more
A factions spawn with portal, drop-off and NPC area
A factions spawn with drop-off, crates area and more
A server spawn with a Portal, Crates Area, Mob Grinder & more
A server spawn with Main Portal, Drop off and a lot more
A server hub with Main Portal and 4 NPC spots
Crates - Mine Crates - Virtual Crates - Multi Crates - In Game Config - Particle + Holo Animations - NPCs
A server spawn with a Crates Area, Enchanting and A Parkour
A server spawn with a built-in PvP Arena, Crates area, NPC spots
A server spawn with included warzone
A floating server spawn with Crates area, NPC locations and mob
Create Custom Trades - Trade Commands, items & more - Extreme configuration