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 AdvancedSeasons - Ultimate Seasons Plugin for Minecraft

Experience dynamic seasons in Minecraft with Advanced Seasons, the most immersive seasons plugin available.

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Compatible Minecraft Versions
1.20 1.20.1 1.20.2 1.20.3 1.20.4 1.20.6

Enhance your Minecraft server with AdvancedSeasons – the best plugin for dynamic, realistic and custom seasons.

Experience a vibrant world with seasons that transform the old boring biomes. Our seasons plugin offers unique seasonal changes, boosting player engagement and offering a fresh, immersive experience. Perfect for those seeking a seasons plugin with a realistic touch. Upgrade your server today with the AdvancedSeasons plugin, where every season brings new excitement and adventure!

Discover additional screenshots on our wiki. Plus, enjoy a showcase of seasonal biomes featured in the artwork throughout this page!

No resource packs or mods are needed! Just add to your server and enjoy!

  • Custom Seasons
    • Fully custom Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter seasons. These do not modify server biomes in any way.
    • Seamless transitions between seasons with blending colors for each seasonal change.
    • Customize seasons yourself! Create season groups and change the colors of grass, trees, water, sky, and fog for each season and biome!
    • Bedrock via Geyser is supported!
  • Temperature System
    • Custom-built dynamic temperature system. Fully customizable modifiers, from light to time of day, and season/biome temperatures.
    • Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
    • Players experience positive, neutral, or negative effects (customizable temperatures!) based on the current temperature:
      • Player freezes at extreme cold (-30°C), with slowed movement and a frozen screen effect!
      • Screen starts forming ice at -25°C, showing small patches of frozen ice on the screen!
      • Player starts shivering at -15°C, with screen shaking and movement slowing down.
      • Cold breath is visible at -4°C, purely a visual effect.
      • Player feels warm at 20°C, with faster health regeneration.
      • Sweating starts at 35°C, shown by water droplets as a visual effect.
      • Heatstroke occurs at 45°C.

  • Seasons & Events Calendar
    • Special calendar to track the current month (1 day = 1 month by default).
    • Events (e.g., Christmas, New Year's, Thanksgiving) are visible in the calendar.
  • Visual Effects
    • Enjoy a multitude of visual effects for each season to immerse yourself in the seasons.
      • Light Up Your Sky with Auroras at Night!
      • Witness a Flying Blizzard covering the ground in Winter.
      • Watch Leaves fall from Trees, with colors based on the Season!
      • See Snow falling from Trees in Winter!
      • Apples drop from Oak Trees in Summer!

  • Special Events And Holidays
    • Create special events based on day and time! By default, several events are available, such as:
      • New Year's! Announcement in chat.
      • Christmas! Along with an announcement, all players receive a Christmas cookie!
      • And many more events available!

  • Custom UI for ItemsAdder & Oraxen
    • Includes a free UI pack for ItemsAdder and Oraxen to transform Calendar and Seasonal Shop menus into beutiful hand-drawn menus!
  • Fully Customisable Weather
    • Customize the chance of rain in each season.
    • Configure which biomes have snow and frozen water in each season.
    • Adjust temperature changes depending on precipitation.
  • Custom Daylight system
    • Day and night time is dynamic and depends on season. Nights in winter are longer than days, while days in summer are long while nights are short.
  • Seasonal Mobs
    • Spawn seasonal mobs in biomes! Fully configure which mobs spawn depending on the season.
  • Seasonal Shop
    • Includes a dynanmic shop that changes sold items each season! Allow players to decorate their homes for each season.
    • Fully configurable everything, from menu, to sold items, prices and economy!

  • Dynamic Crops
    • Crops are now integrated with seasons! Define growth rates for each season.
    • Configure winter growth settings. By default, crops in winter require a minimum of 10°C to grow and must be indoors! This encourages players to build indoor greenhouses in winter.
  • Multi-threaded Optimization
    • All plugin mechanics are extremely optimized. From multi-threaded block handling to asynchronous operations, your server's performance will not be impacted by environmental changes.
  • Well-documented Wiki and Great Support

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Only $9.99 $15.00

Free Lifetime Updates And Support Included

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