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 AdvancedItems - Custom Items Plugin

Custom items plugin - Create Gear, Weapons, Vouchers, Guns, Tools & more - 40+ Default Items - 100+ Abilities and Effects

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Compatible Minecraft Versions
1.17 1.18 1.19 1.20 1.20.4 1.20.6 1.21

AdvancedItems is the most powerful Spigot Custom Items plugin that allows you create customized items with unique abilities. Create custom items with triggers, targets, and conditions, all using our custom scripting language.

Create tools, armor, vouchers, crates, guns, whatever you want. You are in control of your custom items.

Over 40 most popular items are included by default - and the creation process is extremely easy

Unleash your creativity with AdvancedItems! While the possibilities for custom items are endless, we've compiled a list of some of the most popular items our users have recreated from their favorite MMO games and servers. Here are just a few examples:

Example items you can create easily with our custom items plugin:

And there are many more ideas, these should just give you inspiration to start on your AdvancedItems journey!

100+ Custom Item Abilities
AdvancedItems offers a wide range of effects that can be incorporated into your custom items. Our plugin allows for complete customization of these abilities, including values and variables that can be combined with various included functions to create unique and powerful combinations.

Our selection of abilities includes everything from particle effects and explosions to healing and delays, with many more options available. You'll never run out of options when it comes to assigning skills to your custom items - the possibilities are truly limitless. To learn more about all the available effects, visit abilities wiki page.

Bonuses for Wearing Full Armor Sets
This plugin offers the exciting feature of customizing full armor sets to provide additional bonuses. Whether you wear just a couple of items or the entire set, you'll enjoy the enhanced perks that come with it. You have complete freedom to create and customize your armor sets to your liking, adding extra health, strength, or unique particle effects. With this plugin, you can motivate your users to collect and value their armor sets, constantly upgrading them to become the strongest they can be.
This is not a "built-in" feature, but rather something you are able to simply make with all the features this plugin has! Examples are in wiki.

Extensive Item Customization
Empower your server's items with advanced custom settings. With our plugin, you can configure your items to suit your needs, making them unique and personalized. Limit item usage to the owner, prevent them from being stacked, or even restrict their use to specific worlds.

Take it a step further by disabling item movement in the inventory, making them very useful for lobbies/hubs. You can even make dropped items stand out by showcasing their name or adding glow. With endless possibilities, the limits are yours to explore.

Craft, Generate, or Give: Customize Your Item Distribution
With AdvancedItems, the choices for obtaining items are endless. Don't settle for just plain giving items with commands. Our plugin lets you take customization to the next level by enabling users to craft custom items with their own unique recipes.

You can even integrate completely into vanilla Minecraft by generating custom items as loot in mineshafts, dungeons, or village chests. The possibilities are endless, and with AdvancedItems, you can create a truly unique item distribution system.

  • Customization
    • 30+ Effect Triggers: Choose from over 30 different trigger options to activate custom item effects, allowing for even more unique and diverse item creations.
    • 100+ Custom Abilities: With over 100 different customizable abilities to choose from, you can create powerful and unique custom items that fit your needs.
    • Scripting in Abilities: Create variables, update and retrieve them dynamically, save information to items and much more.
      For example, keep a count of combos, how many times an item has been used, etc.!

  • Works with your Favorite Plugins
    • • McMMO, AureliumSkills
      • WorldGuard
      • LuckPerms
      • Geyser
      • CoreProtect
      • Grief Prevention
      • Skyblock Plugins (ASkyBlock, Iridium Skyblock, SuperiorSkyblock2)
      • Lands
      • Vulcan Anti-Cheat, AAC, etc..
      • ItemsAdder (full support of custom durability), Oraxen
      • Factions plugins
      • Towny
      • PlotSquared
      • Residence
      And many others...

  • Integrate with Custom items
    • Custom items from ItemsAdder (with custom durability) or Oraxen are fully supported. This means you can create incredible effects for weapons, tools or armor. Even create your own special food, consumables or utilities!

  • Automatic Item Updates
    • Do ability changes after giving items without problems - item abilities, triggers and limits will be updated automatically!

  • 40+ Default Items
    • The plugin comes with over 40 most popular default items to choose from, allowing you to start creating right away and get a feel for the possibilities.

  • Custom Textures
    • Full support for custom textures with custom model data, ItemsAdder or Oraxen

  • Extensive Item Configuration
    • Armor Sets, Full set Bonuses
      • Create item sets and enjoy full set bonuses that enhance your custom items even further, adding another layer of customization and power.
    • Edit items fully
      • Assign NBT, enchantments, make items glow, enchants, lores - no limits
    • Item Settings
      • Disable item stacking, Limit usage to owner-only, set usage limits, restricted worlds, disable interactions with item or even prevent users from moving them in inventory
    • Crafting and recipes
      • Create shaped recipes for custom items, also including requiring other custom items within recipes
    • Generate in loot
      • Full control of loot generation. From dungeons, to villages, control for each type of structure chance of item generation within
    • Join Settings
      • Give items on join, be it first or every join, even set in a specific slot
    • And Abilities
      • Use triggers and effects to create abilities for items to use, with conditions, variables, functions and more available in abilities, you are truly not limited to anything.

  • Good Support

  • Fully Translatable
    • All items, messages, etc. Are fully translatable

You can find all of the information on our wiki, along with a lot more guides, FAQ and explanations.
But here are some shortcuts:

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Only $9.99 $15.00

Free Lifetime Updates And Support Included

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