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Custom items plugin - Create Gear, Weapons, Vouchers, Guns, Tools & more - 40+ Default Items - 100+ Abilities and Effects

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Free Lifetime Updates And Support Included
  • Improved HELD trigger checks
  • Improved unbreakable item compatibility
  • Improved REPEATING trigger
  • Improved EFFECT_STATIC checks
  • KEEP_ON_DEATH now works with multiple items at once
by GC, 2 days, 16 hours ago.
  • Added BREW_POTION trigger with variables: %potion type%, %is extended%, %is upgraded%
  • Added %weather% variable for conditions, e.g. %attacker weather%, returns CLEAR or RAIN
  • Improved KEEP_ON_DEATH effect compatibility
by GC, 5 days, 6 hours ago.
  • Fixed SMELT and TP_DROPS issue with 1.21
by GC, 9 days, 10 hours ago.
  • Added %is removed% variable
  • Fixed %offhand% condition on HELD trigger
by GC, 11 days, 11 hours ago.
  • Fixed REPEATING being cancelled on hit
  • Fixed /apply command duplicating REPEATING effects
by GC, 13 days, 12 hours ago.
  • Added multiple target support in one effect line! You can now use e.g. '@Attacker @Victim' in same line!
  • Fixed error in console with Veinmine target
  • Some other internal code improvements
by GC, 17 days, 10 hours ago.
  • Improved KEEP_ON_DEATH effect with inventory items
  • Added better warning messages when effects are misconfigured
by GC, 20 days, 17 hours ago.
  • Updated McMMO support to 2.2.013 (older versions are no longer supported)
  • Added custom trench (e.g. 3x3x1) effect
  • Added trench ignore correct tool option (break with trench using with any tool)
  • Added configurable veinminer depth
  • Added blacklist and whitelist support for trench levels
  • REPEATING now support hand and offhand (not only armor)
by GC, 24 days, 8 hours ago.
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