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 AdvancedPets - 3D Custom Pets Plugin

15+ Immersive Pets - Custom 3D Pets - Level Up - 60+ Abilities - Skins

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Compatible Minecraft Versions
1.17 1.18 1.19 1.20 1.20.4 1.20.6 1.21

Immersive pets to keep your players interest high

AdvancedPets is a first Custom Pets Plugin that has custom and vanilla mobs as pets. This plugin adds over 16 3D modeled custom pets to the game with unique abilities, skins, and other features, and it also supports familiar mobs, for example zombies or iron golems, as pets.

Create Your Own Custom Pets using /ap editor in-game editor!

AdvancedPets doesn't require any texture packs or resource packs to be installed, making it easy for your players to see custom mobs without any modifications. With over 60 different abilities and the possibility to level up your pets, AdvancedPets offers plenty of opportunities for strategic play and customization.

AdvancedPets supports ModelEngine models, and here's a showcase of some custom community models as pets:

  • Custom 3D Pets [16+ Pets Available]
    • The plugin comes with over 16 pets available by default, providing players with a wide range of options to choose from.
    • No resource pack, texture pack or mods required to run! Custom pets will work straight away, no tricks or hidden requirements.
    • Ride pets! Players are able to ride pets.
    • Rename pets! Players are able to rename pets.

  • [New] Vanilla Mobs As Pets
    • Starting with version 2.0.0, vanilla mobs can used as pets now - allows players to use familiar mobs, for example zombies or iron golems, as pets.

  • Pet Abilities [60+ Different abilities available]
    • Over 60 abilities are built into the plugin.
    • AdvancedPets includes over 60 different abilities, giving players plenty of options for customizing their pets and making them more powerful and effective.

  • Level Up Your Pets
    • Pets in AdvancedPets can be leveled up, allowing players to increase their abilities and make them more powerful over time.
    • Customize prices, messages, levels and level abilities

  • Fully customizable GUI menus, messages and pets
    • Ultimate control of GUI menus - customize everything and anything. It's up to you to decide layouts, menu sizes, item text etc. Remove items, add new items - do anything you wish.
    • All messages, pets & pet names are customizable.
    • Custom mobs from AdvancedPets & AdvancedSpawners are supported!
    • ModelEngine mobs are supported!

  • Permissions & commands based ownership
    • Give players access to pets with permissions or using commands assign pets.
    • And everything else, like pet skins, assign using permissions - as easy as that.

  • The Ultimate Performance - No Lag
    • AdvancedPets is designed to be lag-free, using dynamic optimizations and multi-threaded movement to ensure that it doesn't impact server performance.

  • Extensive Wiki and Huge Community
    • We include an extensive Wiki and have a large community of users, making it easy to find help and support when needed.
    • Join our 4,000+ members Discord Server if you need assistance.

ModelEngine is supported! Click here to view the guide on how to use it with custom pets.


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Recent Updates
2.10.9 Changelog 1 day, 5 hours ago
2.10.8 Changelog 4 days, 15 hours ago
2.10.7 Changelog 7 days, 6 hours ago
Only $12.99 $25.00

Free Lifetime Updates And Support Included

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