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  • Better support for modelengine
  • Fixed error when loading pets which have invalid head part
  • Fixed TP_DROPS not picking up chorus flower
  • Fixed issue with TP_DROPS, SMELT not activating McMMO/Jobs rewards
  • Other minor fixes and updates
  • Added ItemsAdder custom durability support for effects
  • Added ADD_EXP_MCMMO:: effect
  • Re-added JUMP trigger
  • Fixed error with BREAK_BLOCK for entity targets
  • Fixed MythicMobs hook for 5.0.0+
  • Fixed SMELT not working with fortune enchant
  • Fixed not being able to use colon symbol in message/text effects
  • Fixed potion effect level condition
  • Fixed snow not dropping with TP_DROPS
  • Fixed SET_BLOCK not properly working with block targets
  • BREAK_BLOCK no longer shows warnings when breaking unbreakable blocks
  • Fixed Drops Handling activating events when it shouldn't
  • Fixed error with invalid level abilities activating
by GC, 3 days, 7 hours ago.
  • Improvements to pet following
  • Ability activation warnings now include enchant name and level
  • Added INVERT_VARIABLE effect
  • Fixed minor error in console in regards to placeholderapi parsing
  • Code improvements
  • Added MythicMobs support for MORE_DROPS effect
  • MORE_DROPS now works with mob drops
  • Fixed STRUCK trigger's name
  • Fixed conditions not properly parsing for victim-only triggers
  • Fixed REACH executing as entity-based effect
  • General code and performance improvements
  • Added a much better support for PlaceholderAPI in conditions
by GC, 10 days, 5 hours ago.
  • Improvements to mob creator, few new settings added and expanded on heads editor
  • Fixed runnable error in console happening when mob rotation has a problem
by GC, 15 days, 4 hours ago.
  • You can now use underscores where spaces are in pet names to add pets, e.g. pet file is called 'Dragon Pet.amob', previously you wouldn't be able to add to player with command, now you'd use 'Dragon_Pet'
  • Re-added PlaceholderAPI support
  • Fixed error with PULL_CLOSER effect
  • Updated code, removed a lot of deprecated / old / unused code
  • Durability damage no longer affects unbreakable items
  • Reworked FactionsUUID support
  • Added OPEN_ENDERCHEST effect
  • Fixed moving item from virtual inv onto held slot not activating HELD trigger
  • Improved off-hand HELD trigger check
  • FIREBALL effect no longer causes block damage
  • Added DROP_HELD_ITEM effect
by GC, 17 days, 14 hours ago.
  • Fixed error on loading if AdvancedEnchantments plugin is not present
  • Further improvements with pet movement
  • Code improvements
by GC, 22 days, 10 hours ago.
  • Fixed BREAK_TREE giving too many drops
  • Fixed CNCP and Trench effect
  • Effect error message now only inputs to console
  • Breaking crops no longer causes durability damage
  • Fixed issue with mcmmo drops
  • Fixed error with PULL_CLOSER effect
  • Fixes a double-death issue with HELD trigger when having an inventory open and personal items in it. This is a pretty big fix and is important to update.
  • Improvements to code, removed tons of old code
by GC, 23 days, 6 hours ago.
  • Fixes error with ability conditions for non-owner entities
by GC, 1 month, 16 hours ago.
  • Fixed error with pet changing skin if it's missing textures
  • Improved animation handling with speed
  • Added McMMO integration with drops
  • Improving block breaking handling
  • Improved target debug information when misconfigured (e.g. invalid radius)
  • Fixed error with REPEATING trigger
  • Fixed armor list not updating from config.yml for enchants
  • Fixed issues with WorldGuard region checks
  • Improved slimefun hook and fixed breaking issues
  • Big improvements to mining trigger and effects
by GC, 1 month, 5 days, 6 hours ago.
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