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  • Added full ItemsAdder custom blocks support with abilities
  • Added support for mythic mobs ignore enchants attribute
  • Water and Lava walker are now disabled when flying
  • EFFECT_STATIC and REPEATING now properly activates on world switch
  • FLY effect now takes an optional time value as well
  • Fixed some issues with fortune and effects
  • Some small mob animation improvements
by GC, 8 days, 13 hours ago.
  • Added support for SuperiorSkyblock2
  • Stem blocks now count as tree blocks
  • Fixed small error with HELD trigger
  • Beds now work when broken with TP_DROPS (Telepathy)
  • Fixed issue with Towny hook
  • BREAK_TREE no longer breaks player-placed blocks
  • Fixed placeholders without targets
by GC, 16 days ago.
  • Fixed placeholderapi placeholders not parsing with last version's built-in placeholder changes
by GC, 19 days, 12 hours ago.
  • Improvements to pets walking and handling
  • Added better ItemsAdder support for armor sets - instead of setting customModelData, you can now just set `itemsadder` setting.
  • Improved plugin hook loading
  • Veinminer no longer works on player-placed ores
by GC, 21 days, 7 hours ago.
  • Minor improvements with mob walking
  • Fixed minor console error with death and REPEATING trigger
  • Fixed error of right-clicking vanilla mob
by GC, 26 days, 10 hours ago.
  • Added pages for pets shop. Regenerate your `menus/shopMenu.yml`
  • Added support for Torchflower and Pitcher seeds with PLANT_SEEDS effect
  • Added SaberFactions support
  • Updates to abilities processing
by GC, 1 month, 8 hours ago.
  • Added /clear command support with static effects
  • Few updates to default pets
  • REPEATING trigger now defaults to 1s frequency if none is set
  • REACH effect now works without a location target
by GC, 1 month, 8 days, 5 hours ago.
  • Updated 15 of the default pets with new better walking animations
  • Added REMOVE_HEALTH: - take entity's health away, ignores armor and does not play damage animation for player
  • Added REMOVE_HEALTH_DAMAGE: - Take entity's health away, ignore armor play damage animation for player
  • Fixed right-click armor swap not triggering EFFECT_STATIC
  • Potion time for 1.19 versions and previous has been updated - should resolve the new display update for potion times
  • HAS_ENCHANTMENT_IN_HAND_OF now works with mobs
  • AureliumSkills terraform skill no longer causes durability damage to tools
  • Updated AureliumSkills hook
  • Updated Lands hook
  • Fixed PUMPKIN effect with keep inventory on
  • BREAK_BLOCK effect can no longer break same block multiple times
  • Resolved minor console error with MORE_DROPS effect
by GC, 1 month, 14 days, 2 hours ago.
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