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  • Fixed issue with /enchants menu for bedrock/geyser not displaying properly empty slots
  • Fixed papi message parsing
by GC, 2 days, 23 hours ago.
ItemsAdder's and Oraxen's custom blocks are now fully integrated and supported with AdvancedEnchantments. This integration took almost 7 hours to implement. Enjoy! Other changes:
  • Added unbreakable option to items:
by GC, 5 days, 17 hours ago.
  • Added ItemsAdder support for TRENCH effect
  • BREAK_BLOCK effect now fully respects land protection
by GC, 9 days, 21 hours ago.
  • ITEM_BREAK trigger now activates from damaging items with durability effects
  • INVICIBLE effect now turns off correctly
  • ADD_DURABILITY_ITEM improvements
  • Fixed issue with TP_DROPS and exceptions due to ItemsAdder changes
  • Health is now handled better when changing worlds with EFFECT_STATIC effect
  • Fixed TP_DROPS issue with ProtectionStones
  • Added ItemsAdder support for TRENCH effect
  • BREAK_BLOCK effect now fully respects land protection
by GC, 12 days, 19 hours ago.
  • Added LEVEL (exp levels) economy support
  • Added SPAWN_BLOCKS:: effect to spawn falling blocks from above player and to cause damage
by GC, 16 days, 16 hours ago.
  • Updated ADD_DURABILTIY_CURRENT_ITEM to use same durability handling as other durability effects
  • Fixed small error with ItemsAdder custom block handling
  • PARTICLE effect now supports offsets as number with decimal
  • Internal color handling updates to messages
  • Updated SET_BLOCK effect with MINING trigger
  • Tons of internal improvements
by GC, 20 days, 4 hours ago.
  • Improved ItemsAdder and TP_DROPS together
  • Fixed an issue with Aoe targets
  • Fixed issue with SHIELD_BLOCK when holding shields in both hands
  • Removed REACH effect. It is currently not possible to consistently increase player's reach and more than half of hits wouldn't be registered with it
  • Fixed small issue with randomizer
by GC, 22 days, 22 hours ago.
  • Added cooldownMessage for when item is in
  • cooldown
  • Added ProtectionStones Support
  • Added WALK_SPEED, FLY_SPEED effects (both are in wiki)
  • Added %force% variable for BOW_FIRE trigger
  • Added ADD_MONEY effect
  • Added REMOVE_MONEY effect
  • Fixed Leather armor not working in custom items
  • Fixed restrictedWorlds not working
  • Small fixes and updates with fast block breaks
  • Renamed items now keep their name when put in anvil
  • Custom mob heads placed and broken now have a proper mob's name
  • function now supports negative numbers as well
  • BOW_FIRE activates now without full power
  • Fixed issue with SONIC_BOOM and KEEP_ON_DEATH
  • Fixed yet another bug with aureliumskills and TP_DROPS due to their API
  • Fixed right-clicking eggs removing effects
by GC, 27 days, 2 hours ago.
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