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Temporarily relocating from EU to US for about four months, no updates while I fly there. Thanks for your understanding and patience, and for using AdvancedEnchantments! Changes:
  • Added PARTICLE_LINE effect
  • Added support for enchant chances below 1%
  • Fixed error with ARROW_HIT trigger when hitting non-entity targets
  • Improved INVINCIBLE effect
  • Added @Self target
  • EFFECT_STATIC effects are now unset when player dies
  • Fixed few issues with effects
  • Code improvements
by GC, 4 hours ago.
  • Fixed SET_BLOCK not properly working with block targets
  • BREAK_BLOCK no longer shows warnings when breaking unbreakable blocks
  • Fixed DropsHandler activating events when it shouldn't
  • Fixed invalid setting in customcommands.yml
  • Fixed error with invalid level enchants activating
  • Fixed error with world blacklist
by GC, 5 days, 3 hours ago.
  • Added ItemsAdder custom durability support for effects
  • Added ADD_EXP_MCMMO:: effect
  • Re-added JUMP trigger
  • Fixed error with BREAK_BLOCK for entity targets
  • Fixed MythicMobs hook for 5.0.0+
  • Fixed SMELT not working with fortunte enchant
  • Fixed enchantments-world-blacklist setting not working from config
  • Fixed not being able to use colon symbol in message/text effects
  • Fixed potion effect level condition
  • Fixed snow not dropping with TP_DROPS
by GC, 7 days, 11 hours ago.
  • Fixed TP_DROPS not picking up chorus flower
  • Fixed issue with TP_DROPS, SMELT not activating McMMO/Jobs rewards
  • Other minor fixes and updates
  • Fixed renamed StatTrak items applying
by GC, 9 days, 14 hours ago.
  • Added MythicMobs support for MORE_DROPS effect
  • Added a much better support for PlaceholderAPI in conditions
  • Fixed STRUCK trigger's name
  • MORE_DROPS now works with mob drops
  • Fixed conditions not properly parsing for victim-only triggers
  • Fixed REACH executing as entity-based effect
  • General code and performance improvements
by GC, 11 days, 2 hours ago.
  • Fixes bug with effects system causing errors in console when AdvancedPets is present
by GC, 12 days, 17 hours ago.
  • Fixes error with alchemist trading for groups without default color
  • Performance improvements with enchant reading and processing
by GC, 15 days, 3 hours ago.
  • Ability activation warnings now include enchant name and level
  • Added INVERT_VARIABLE effect
  • Fixed minor error in console in regards to placeholderapi parsing
  • Code improvements
by GC, 17 days, 3 hours ago.
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