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 AdvancedJobs - Customizable Minecraft Jobs Plugin

20+ jobs, seamless rewards, job levels, and easy customization for ultimate player engagement.

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Compatible Minecraft Versions
1.17 1.18 1.19 1.20 1.20.4 1.20.6 1.21

Enhance your Minecraft server with AdvancedJobs – the ultimate jobs plugin

AdvancedJobs is the ultimate Spigot Jobs Plugin that allows you to create your own custom jobs without any programming knowledge. With Daily refreshing jobs, free & premium passes and In-Game editor, this is the best jobs plugin for Spigot servers. Bring an eco friendly approach and a reborn gameplay experience to your server.

  • 20+ Default Jobs & 100+ Customizable Actions
    • Unlock the potential to use over 100 unique actions into customized jobs, from a lumberjack chopping logs to a farmer farming crops or a tamer engaging with animals. With more than 20 predefined jobs as your foundation, the possibilities are limitless.
    • Keep players engaged with customizable progress alerts. Set notifications at milestones of your choice (e.g., 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%) to celebrate achievements and motivate continuous play.
    • Job Slots! Limit how many jobs players can have at once with permissions.
    • Click here to view all the available actions:
  • Level Up Jobs
    • Keep players engaged with infinite leveling possibilities.
    • Configure every job level to fit your server's theme, using simple settings or advanced mathematical calculations.
  • Smart Rewards System
    • Automate rewards with our smart and unique system. Set it up once and let our plugin handle the complexity, ensuring players are motivated at every level.
  • Free & Premium Jobs: Enhance Player Experience
    • Inclusive Gameplay: Offer free jobs to all members, ensuring everyone enjoys the depth of your server's economy.
    • Monetize your server: Elevate the experience with premium jobs. Whether for sale in your store or as a perk for donors, these exclusive roles add a new level of engagement.
    • Bonus Rewards: Reward premium job pass holders with special bonuses, even when completing standard jobs, adding an extra incentive for players to upgrade.
  • Leaderboards
    • Display a leaderboard in-game of top achieved players from jobs
    • Very addictive and engaging

  • Intuitive In-Game GUI Jobs Editor
    • Fully Customizable: Edit everything from job names and points to progress and actions. Tailor each job to fit your server perfectly.
    • User-Friendly Design: Our editor is built for simplicity, making it easy and quick to create new jobs. No complex instructions, just straightforward editing.
    • It's never been easier for you to create, edit, and enjoy jobs!
  • Extremely Configurable
    • Configure all jobs, all messages
    • All menus and rewards are also configurable
    • MySQL Databases Supported
  • Extensive Wiki and huge community
    • Visit our AdvancedJobs Wiki to learn more about this plugin, find out how to create your own jobs and more.
    • Join our 8,000+ members Discord Server if you need assistance.
  • Integrates into plugins [Over 40 popular plugins supported]
    • All plugins listed below are supported for jobs:
    • AdvancedEnchantments
    • McMMO
    • ASkyblock
    • AuctionHouse
    • AutoSell
    • BedWars1058
    • KOTH
    • BuildBattle
    • ChatReaction
    • ChestShop
    • Citizens
    • Clans
    • ClueScrolls
    • CrateReloaded
    • CratesPlus
    • CrazyCrates
    • DiscordMinecraft
    • ExcellentCrates
    • Jobs
    • Lands
    • LobbyPresents
    • KoTH
    • MoneyHunters
    • MythicMobs
    • PlotSquared
    • ProCosmetics
    • ShopGuiPlus
    • CrazyEnvoy
    • Shopkeepers
    • SkillAPI
    • StrikePractice
    • SuperiorSkyblock2
    • TheLab
    • TokenEnchant
    • UltraSkyWars
    • uSkyBlock
    • Votifier
    • MMOCore
    • MMOItems
    • MBedwars


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1.3.7 Changelog 2 days, 7 hours ago
1.3.6 Changelog 4 days, 18 hours ago
1.3.5 Changelog 9 days, 7 hours ago
Only $9.99 $20.00

Free Lifetime Updates And Support Included

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