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Create Custom Trades - Trade Commands, items & more - Extreme configuration

Compatible Minecraft Versions
1.16 1.17 1.18

Control your Villager trades like never before

AdvancedTrades is a plugin, enabling you to fully customize villager trades. Introduce your own trades, disable vanilla trades, limit your new trades to specific villagers, biomes or required villager level. Supports extreme customization of items and even commands as trades.

  • Create your own Custom Trades
    • You are able to create your own Villager trades.
    • Require anything you want, from special items, to just basic emeralds! You can require multiple items for one trade.
  • Real-time trade updates
    • All trades update automatically - just edit anything you want with trades, reload with built-in command and see your trades update! This includes rewards, experience, commands and trade requirements.
  • Trade Custom Commands And Custom Items
    • Create trades, which give commands as rewards instead of items.
    • These trades will act like normal trades. Villagers will gain experience (customizable in config), you can assign unlimited commands and modify commands for these trades, even in pre-existing villagers, dynamically.
  • Spawn Villagers with your Trades
    • Spawn custom villagers with your picked trades.
    • Include as many trades as you want, from trading items to commands.
  • Extremely Configurable
    • Assign chances to trades, require specific villager levels, professions, biomes or even limits to how many times player can trade.
    • Required items and rewards are fully configurable. Configuration supports modifying NBT, assigning custom data. It also supports items from JSON format, so there are no limits to what your items are!
    • Customize how much experience villagers gain from each custom trade.
    • Change default traded currency, e.g. Emeralds, to any other item, e.g. Diamonds!
  • Extensive Wiki and huge community
    • Visit our AdvancedTrades Wiki to learn more about this plugin, find out how to create your own trades and more.
    • Join our 4,000+ members Discord Server if you need assistance.

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1.1.1 Changelog 2 years, 24 days, 18 hours ago
1.1.0 Changelog 2 years, 1 month, 9 days, 9 hours ago
1.0.9 Changelog 2 years, 5 months, 12 days, 9 hours ago

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