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    Compatible Minecraft Versions
    1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 1.16 1.17

    Incredibly Lightweight
    (Took 0.4% CPU tick on a 1.8.8 server with 200 animated crates and only 0.04% CPU tick on a 1.15.2 server with 70 crates - the demo server! Information gathered with the spark plugin profiler)

    New features not mentioned above:
    - Drag and Drop rewards
    - Economy support: Crates cost $$
    - Color Particles (MC v1.13+)
    - Item Flag support
    - Custom Model Data (Through NBT Tags)
    - Custom Textured Player Heads (Through NBT Tags)
    - NBT Tag Support (Advanced Enchantments, Epic Heads, Quality Armoury, and Head Database tested working!)
    - MySQL support for virtual crates/keys, cooldowns, and player reward history
    -Guaranteed Rewards
    - Fallback Rewards for when a player has a permission and opens up a specific reward

    - Decimal chances for rewards
    - PlaceholderAPI support
    %specializedcrates_cooldown_[cratename]% - The remaining cooldown a player has on a crate.
    %specializedcrates_virtual_keys_[cratename]% - The number of virtual keys a player has for a crate.
    %specializedcrates_virtual_keys_total% - The number of all virtual keys from all crates that a player has.
    %specializedcrates_virtual_crates_[cratename]% - The number of virtual crates a player has for a crate.
    %specializedcrates_placedcrates% - The total number of placed crates on the server.
    %specializedcrates_last_crate_opened% - The last crate the player opened.
    %specializedcrates_last_crate_opened_rewards% - The last reward the player received.
    %specializedcrates_last_player_[cratename]% - The last player to open the specified crate.
    %specializedcrates_last_reward_[cratename]% - The last reward to be opened from the specified crate.
    %specializedcrates_last_reward_name_[cratename]% - The last reward's name to be opened from the specified crate.

    - Shift-click to open ALL
    - Skip Animations feature
    - Confirm/deny opening crate

    - Actually 7 crate animations (new one just added!)
    - Give virtual AND physical crates/keys to offline players
    - No commands needed for rewards (Give the display-item you built with the convenient in-game item editor directly to the player!)
    - Force players (or everyone) to open a crate for free
    - Disable lucky chests (mine crates) from working on player-placed blocks.
    - Left click a key to preview the crate anywhere

    Help, bug reports, feature requests, and general chat!



    All previews seen below are all CUSTOMIZABLE

    Crate Animations

    [spoiler=Open Chest]

    Roulette Crate



    CS:GO Crate

    Menu Crate

    [spoiler=Key Crate / Dynamic Crate]
    Key Crate / Dynamic Crate (Disappears upon use)


    Particle Animations
    [spoiler=TILTED_RINGS Animation]

    [spoiler=GROWING_DOUBLE_SPIRAL Animation]

    [spoiler=DOUBLE_SPIRAL Animation]

    [spoiler=OFFSET_TILTED_RINGS Animation]

    [spoiler=SPIRAL Animation]

    [spoiler=CIRCLE Animation]


    Mine Chests (Lucky Crates) and MultiCrates
    [spoiler=Mine Chest]
    Mine Chest

    [spoiler=MultiCrate Example 1]
    Multi Crate

    [spoiler=MultiCrate Example 2]


    Reward Holograms
    [spoiler=Reward Holograms]


    General Examples
    [spoiler=Example 1 (Particles, Holograms, NPCs)]

    [spoiler=Example 2 (Particles, Holograms)]

    [spoiler=Example 3 (Particles, Holograms)]

    [spoiler=Example 4 (Fireworks, Holograms)]


    Also, if you want cool holograms that cycle through rewards, check out this cool addon made by GamerDuck123 for all the main crate plugins!

    1. Download the SpecializedCrates.jar
    2. Download the HolographicDisplays.jar, IndividualHolograms.jar, or Holograms.jar
    3. Install the SpecializedCrates.jar to your servers /plugins/ directory
    4. Restart your server

    A quick setup tutorial by [USER=3405]@Koz[/USER]

    If you need setup help, don't hesitate to ask on the Specialized Crates discord!

    /SCrates (For all commands) - CustomCrates.ADMIN

    /SCrates (For Virtual Crates) - CustomCrates.CRATES

    /Keys - CustomCrates.KEYS

    /SCrates luckychest (Toggle luckychests on and off) - CustomCrates.luckychestcommand

    CustomCrates.Place.Bypass - Break static crates which are unbreakable

    Setup Videos / Articles

    YouTube in-depth setup videos

    Custom Crates WIKI


    All Config Files (For Previewing what you can config)

    [spoiler=All Config Files][/spoiler]
    [spoiler=All Config Files]
    All Default Config Files

    All Default Crate Files
    [spoiler=All Config Files][/spoiler]
    [spoiler=All Config Files][/spoiler]
    [spoiler=All Config Files]


    Terms of Service (you agree to, by buying/downloading this plugin from

    • You are responsible what happens with the plugin after you download, therefore, if plugin is leaked or redistributed and it's registered under your name, I am allowed to remove you from buyers list without a warning. I may be obligated to report you on SpigotMC, which might lead to your account being permanently suspended (banned).
    • You may not redistribute plugin, in any shape or form neither it's code or parts of it.
    • No refunds, as one does not have a right to get a refund for such digital item, because you have been gained access to it instantly and may have used it.
    • You may ask me for support.

    Recent Updates
    2.24.9 Update Changelog 3 days, 10 hours ago
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    2.24.7 Update Changelog 9 days, 19 hours ago

    Free Lifetime Updates And Support Included

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