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The most advanced quests plugin, with 50+ Quests - Create your own - GUI Editor - Keep players active - Daily & weekly Quests

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  • Added 1.21 support!
by GC, 1 day, 5 hours ago.
  • Added /bp open week command
  • Updated user cache internal handling for better performance and support
  • Added auto config updating and validating
  • Fixed few small issues with actions
by GC, 5 days, 18 hours ago.
  • Added boosters! Give player timed boosters - for points, quest progress or rewards, for whatever time - you decide! Learn more at the wiki page:
  • Updated internal storage from BigInteger to BigDecimal
by GC, 10 days, 16 hours ago.
  • Fixed issue with chat-stripped action
by GC, 15 days, 18 hours ago.
  • Milk action now completes only when bucket is filled with milk
  • Fixed honey extract action when using world guard
by GC, 20 days, 19 hours ago.
  • Added spawn-reason subroot in kill-mob action
  • Fixed issue with reward variables
by GC, 24 days, 17 hours ago.
  • Added PlaceholderAPI to progress messages
  • Fixed menu updater for config items
by GC, 27 days, 18 hours ago.
  • Added variables to BattlePass rewards with default placeholder %variable%, examples:
  • Added cache for skullcreator b64 profiles
  • Fixed quest editor issue
by GC, 1 month, 15 hours ago.
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