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  • Added Minecraft 1.18 Support
by GC, 21 hours ago.
  • Fixed %exp% placeholder not working with enchanter.successful-purchase message
  • Fixed %mob type% condition defaulting to Player not Mobs in ATTACK_MOB
  • EnchantLimitation now works with Anvils as well
by GC, 1 day, 21 hours ago.
Another 40+ issues closed in github - all issues from Github are now resolved. Changes:
  • Added checks when held item is removed by other plugins
  • SET_BLOCK effect no longer activates with VEIN_MINE effect
  • Holding armor in hand will no longer activate armor enchants
  • KILL_MOB now activates when killing mobs with a bow
  • Added %is night% condition
  • Updated nightwalker enchant
  • Fixed TP_DROPS and Silk Touch not picking up redstone
  • Added Deepslate ores to Vein Whitelist
  • Added much better Spartan support
  • Fixed Sets showing vanilla enchant errors
  • Fixed mob type condition always targeting wrong entity
  • Fixed is hostile condition always targeting wrong entity
  • Fixed heroic armor not breaking when durability is 0
  • Fixed TRENCH calling BlockBreakEvent for blocks which cannot be broken by a tool
  • Added 'settings.give-mcmmo-with-custom-block-breaks' setting to enable mcmmo exp from custom block breaks, e.g. TRENCH
  • MORE_DROPS no longer activates on MythicMobs mobs
  • Fixed GKits lore not always correctly applying
  • Enchants no longer false-activate due to McMMO's bleeding
  • Fixed issue with mcmmo's bleeding and mobs turning invincible with EXTRA_DAMAGE effect
  • Fixed armor switching with curse of binding enchant
by GC, 2 days, 17 hours ago.
  • Added support to BlockRegen plugin
  • Fixed PUMPKIN effect placing normal pumpkin on 1.13+
  • Fixed error with missing classes due to compilation issue
  • Fixed armor orbs displaying wrong +slots amount
  • Fixed PASSIVE_DEATH processing some enchants twice
  • Fixed PASSIVE_DEATH not working with KEEP_ON_DEATH effect
  • Fixed error with item swapping in inventory on 1.12
  • Fixed interrupt enchant giving mining fatigue to attacker
  • Fixed AnvilEvent error with custom anvil inventories
  • Fixed StackOverFlowError with AureliumSkills plugin
  • Fixed %group-name% and %enchant-no-color% in enchanter.examine-book message
  • Fixed FILL_OXYGEN not adding but setting air
  • Fixed CANCEL_USE only supporting 1 material per player
  • INCREASE_DAMAGE now uses raw damage instead of final damage
  • Changed default rocketescape values
by GC, 3 days, 14 hours ago.
  • Added test support for Minecraft 1.18 preview builds
by GC, 9 days, 9 hours ago.
  • Added support for "/ae list" with console.
  • Fixed VEIN_MINE ignoring other MINING effects if used on non-whitelisted blocks
by GC, 17 days, 13 hours ago.
  • Fixed error on startup on older mc versions
by GC, 22 days, 9 hours ago.
  • Reworked vanilla enchantments handling
  • Fixed some vanilla enchants not being recognised from GKits
  • Fixed misspelled vanilla enchants in anvil.yml
  • Removed debug message from console related to gkits
by GC, 22 days, 19 hours ago.

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