Advanced Builds

 Cozy Plains Sky Spawn

A server spawn with a Crates Area, Enchanting and A Parkour

Compatible Minecraft Versions
1.8 or Newer
Our Small Sky Islands plain server spawn is packed with exciting features that players will love, including:

  • Beautifully designed spawn area
  • Challenging parkour course
  • Enchanting area
  • Crates area
  • Spacious shops area
  • Hidden treasures to discover

Step into our world of Minecraft and experience the excitement and wonder of our Small Sky Islands plain server spawn. With its carefully crafted features and attention to detail, your players are sure to have a memorable gaming experience that they will keep coming back for.

Guide on how to place custom builds from to your world

Plugin for Servers: FastAsyncWorldEdit
Mod for Singleplayer: WorldEdit SinglePlayer Mod

You will download a schematic file. You can use this file to paste the build onto your server / world anywhere you want.
Put the file in your schematics folder (click here to find the location of your schematics folder).

Steps of placing the Schematic into your world:
  1. Download and install WorldEdit plugin / mod linked above
  2. Put downloaded file to the schematics folder (linked above)
  3. Load schematic in-game (Plugin: //schem load , Mod: /schematic load )
  4. Paste the schematic (Plugin: //paste, Mod: /paste)
Pasting builds in-game is as easy as this! If you need further assistance join our Discord Server.

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