Advanced Builds

 Dragons Nest Spawn

Uncover the remnants of ancient dragons at Dragons' Nest, featuring crate areas, mob grind

Compatible Minecraft Versions
1.8 or Newer
Journey into the past at Dragons' Nest, an extinction spawn adorned with dragon bones and dragon eggs. This legendary location offers:
  • Crate areas filled with hidden treasures
  • A functional mob grinder for your combat needs
  • NPC locations for exciting quests and trades
  • Information signs to guide you on your journey
  • A main portal at spawn, promising exciting adventures
Explore the Dragons' Rest, where every bone tells a story of mighty battles, and every egg holds the promise of future legends.

Guide on how to place custom builds from to your world

Plugin for Servers: FastAsyncWorldEdit
Mod for Singleplayer: WorldEdit SinglePlayer Mod

You will download a schematic file. You can use this file to paste the build onto your server / world anywhere you want.
Put the file in your schematics folder (click here to find the location of your schematics folder).

Steps of placing the Schematic into your world:
  1. Download and install WorldEdit plugin / mod linked above
  2. Put downloaded file to the schematics folder (linked above)
  3. Load schematic in-game (Plugin: //schem load , Mod: /schematic load )
  4. Paste the schematic (Plugin: //paste, Mod: /paste)
Pasting builds in-game is as easy as this! If you need further assistance join our Discord Server.

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