Advanced Builds

 Avian Spawn

Fly high in a fantastical avian realm, ripe with adventure, NPCs, mob grinders, and treasure-filled crates.

Compatible Minecraft Versions
1.8 or Newer
Embark on a journey through the Avian Enchantment, a bird and fantasy-themed floating islands spawn. This mystical world offers a host of features that cater to your adventurous spirit:
  • An area filled with crates ripe for the taking
  • NPC locations for interesting quests and interactions
  • Efficient mob grinders for your combat and farming needs
  • Vast landscapes for you to wander and explore
Discover the charm of the Avian Enchantment, where every corner holds a new adventure waiting to unfold, surrounded by the magical echoes of bird songs.

Guide on how to place custom builds from to your world

Plugin for Servers: FastAsyncWorldEdit
Mod for Singleplayer: WorldEdit SinglePlayer Mod

You will download a schematic file. You can use this file to paste the build onto your server / world anywhere you want.
Put the file in your schematics folder (click here to find the location of your schematics folder).

Steps of placing the Schematic into your world:
  1. Download and install WorldEdit plugin / mod linked above
  2. Put downloaded file to the schematics folder (linked above)
  3. Load schematic in-game (Plugin: //schem load , Mod: /schematic load )
  4. Paste the schematic (Plugin: //paste, Mod: /paste)
Pasting builds in-game is as easy as this! If you need further assistance join our Discord Server.

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