Advanced Builds

 Autumnal Citadel Lobby

Explore the grandeur of an autumn-themed castle hub, offering extensive exploration, interactive NPCs, and a majestic main portal to new adventures.

Compatible Minecraft Versions
1.8 or Newer
Welcome to the Autumnal Citadel, a large lobby/hub built like a castle, bathed in the warm hues of autumn. This majestic hub offers:
  • Ample space to explore and make your own
  • NPC locations for a dash of intrigue and interaction
  • A grand main portal, your gateway to new adventures
The Autumnal Citadel merges the majesty of a castle with the serene beauty of autumn. Whether you're a wanderer or a warrior, you'll find something to love in this vast, sprawling castle. Embark on your journey today and create your own stories within these ancient walls.

Guide on how to place custom builds from to your world

Plugin for Servers: FastAsyncWorldEdit
Mod for Singleplayer: WorldEdit SinglePlayer Mod

You will download a schematic file. You can use this file to paste the build onto your server / world anywhere you want.
Put the file in your schematics folder (click here to find the location of your schematics folder).

Steps of placing the Schematic into your world:
  1. Download and install WorldEdit plugin / mod linked above
  2. Put downloaded file to the schematics folder (linked above)
  3. Load schematic in-game (Plugin: //schem load , Mod: /schematic load )
  4. Paste the schematic (Plugin: //paste, Mod: /paste)
Pasting builds in-game is as easy as this! If you need further assistance join our Discord Server.

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